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Last night was awesome.

I got to meet up with a friend I met at a show last summer, but have never really hung out with since then, though we have kept in touch. It was good, we both got to vent about recent guys just by catching up with each other. I then met her guy, he's cool, but totally not worth her time.

We started out checking out a bar we've never been to before. Interesting idea, and it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't amazing either. They have live music every night, so there was a cover. Since we didn't know that, we were just going to find something else, but there was a woman sitting right next to the door who insisted that we let her pay for us and enjoy the band.

The band wasn't bad. If I'm ever in the mood for some blues, I would probably check the place out again. What I didn't like though, was the skanky girls who were there dancing. So when I finished my overpriced drink we checked around to see if the woman who paid for us was still there, and we skipped out. We were just looking for somewhere that we could talk more easily than a blues club.

So we ended up at Streets of London, where the guy at the door commented that my ID expires soon. August is not soon enough to comment on it, thanks. This is also the only bar that has ever stuck to the rule that if your ID is expired you can't use it. Sounds like somewhere that's gotten caught serving those underage.

I keep walking away from typing this, so I'm going to take a break and add more later.

Ok, I'm back, and now hopefully I'll be able to finish this story about my awesome night!

So Holly and I are at Streets of London, which I think is slowly becoming my regular spot. I'm not a fan of beer at all, and I'd say that I've been a pretty good sport about it, trying a sip of anything that someone has that I haven't tried before. I just don't like it. I've been told that I should try some hard ciders though, so I decided to ask what they had, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that not only did they have an apple on tap, but they had a pear!

We went for that no question, and I didn't think that it was terrible, though it was much closer to beer than I would prefer. Between that and the other drink I'd had at the Torch Club though I was willing to try the apple. That turned out to be only a slightly bad idea. Most sips that I took, I really thought everything was going to come back up with it. It never did and I still hold my record for never hurling, but I really thought that it was going to.

When we got the apple though, we had to give up our seats outside, so we ended up standing near some guys who ended up talking about us really obviously. It was pretty funny, but they weren't. They eventually moved, and we kind of got into a conversation with some people on a bench next to where we were standing. They were in a big group, and someone was throwing things at one of the guys, and it was hitting me. Then there was someone doing magic at the table, so I had to see it much closer, giving me an excuse to get closer to many of the guys who were there.

Eventually I was close enough to the end of the table that there was two guys and a girl standing, who were not part of the big group. One of the guys I swear went to high school with me or something, and it had been bothering me all night. His friend had been kind of checking me out, which I noticed when I was doing the same to him. So I asked him if he went to Sheldon, and he claims that he did not. I don't remember where he said they went. The one I swear I know is Tom, his cute friend is Luke, and Tom's adorably drunk girlfriend is Esther.

I ended up talking to them for the rest of the night, Esther making sure to tell me just how great of a guy Luke is, and when we went for a bathroom break she made sure to include that she could tell he really liked me. I was digging him as well, and I thought that she was fun, so when she told me to make sure that he had my number at the end of the night I told her that she should take it, and even if Luke wasn't so interested that she and I should hang out.

When we got back she let Luke know that she had my number so he didn't have to worry. It was really cute how embarrassed he was. We all talked for a little while longer though, and when Holly decided that she should go so she could have enough sleep for work in the morning I was delighted to see that Luke looked bummed, but he did get my number! If it wasn't half an hour until last call I would have had him walk us both back to her car, and then I'd have gone back with him. It's ok though, 'cause I've decided that I'll be playing much harder to get from now on than I have before.

All in all it was a very good night. I do hope to hear from Luke, but it won't kill me if I don't, he's a little cleaner cut than my ideal type anyway. I'll let you know though, you can count on that.
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